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Levi's Special Clearance Sale at JC Western Wear
Shop our wide selection of Levi's Clearance Section. Levi's® men's sale are a modern twist on classic styles that have defined generations. Shop Levi's. Since 1853, Levi Strauss & Co has been a quintessential American clothing retailer. ( *Limited sizes available. No special orders. )

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Levi's 055270152 Mens 527 Slim Bootcut Jeans Tumble Black (D)
$54.98 $25.00
Levi's 055270601 Mens 527 Slim Bootcut Jeans Jagger (D)
$54.98 $29.98
Levi's 569 Loose Straight Fit Jeans Medium Wash 137720002
Levi's 137720002 Mens 569 Loose Straight Fit Jeans Medium Wash - D
$58.00 $29.98
Levi's 296940002 Womens Rolled Cuffs Classic Jean Shorts Cave Springs (D)
$39.95 $29.98
Levi's 299690004 Womens Rolled Cuffs Denim Bermuda Shorts White (D)
$39.95 $34.98
Levi's 198890005 Womens 414 Relaxed Straight Fit Coastal Ridge Jeans (D)
$54.50 $39.50
Levi's 045111659 Mens 511 Slim Fit Rips Denim Blue Jeans (D)
$69.50 $59.50
Levi's 045111929 Brooklawn 511 Slim Fit Ripped Distressed Jeans Medium Wash (D)
$69.50 $59.50
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