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5 of the Best Products for Maintaining Your Horse Tack

It’s one of the oldest struggles of being a rider—making sure your tack stays clean. It might not be as much fun as hitting the trail or gearing up for a race, but taking care of your tack is just as important as having a well-trained horse. The truth is, most leather products need to be maintained on a fairly regular basis to ensure they’re looking their best, but the likelihood is that you are not putting in the...
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What You Should Wear on a Trail Ride to Maximize Comfort

What’s more authentically Western than trail riding? Horse riding is an age-old American tradition, a legacy passed down through the generations, and no matter where you might hang up your spurs, there are adventures to be found around every corner. Whether you saddle up in the prairies, the mountains, or somewhere in between, you can be sure to have a great time getting back to your country roots and experiencing the wonder of the natural world.Riding horses through the...
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