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What You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Western and English Riding Styles

Since the dawn of time, humans and horses have maintained a close, personal bond. From the prairies to the mountains, cowboys and cowgirls have spent countless hours on trail rides under the stars. However, not everyone rides exactly the same way. Depending on where in the world you wander, you’ll encounter a vast range of different riding styles. On the surface, this might seem confusing—how many different ways can there really be to ride a horse? But aficionados of...
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5 of the Best Products for Maintaining Your Horse Tack

It’s one of the oldest struggles of being a rider—making sure your tack stays clean. It might not be as much fun as hitting the trail or gearing up for a race, but taking care of your tack is just as important as having a well-trained horse. The truth is, most leather products need to be maintained on a fairly regular basis to ensure they’re looking their best, but the likelihood is that you are not putting in the...
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