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There is a Lot More to a Handbag than Just the Stud

You take them everywhere, they’re functional, they’re efficient… and they might as well help you make a statement while you’re at it. Country women everywhere know that the key to a great outfit is the accessories, and sometimes it can be as easy as finding the perfect handbag to add a certain spark to a casual T-shirt and jeans.Despite the fact that purses are an everyday part of our lives, most women understand the hassle of trying to find...
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6 Accessories You Need to Add to Your Wardrobe

Particularly where country and Western style is concerned, accessories make the outfit! A sharp belt buckle or a gorgeous statement necklace can easily take a simple T-shirt and jeans from basic to glamorous. Go from woodsy casual to truly Western chic and take a gander through our collection, which includes everything from bolo ties to boot bling.A brand new year is approaching—we know some of our customers are interested in switching up their style in 2016. Don’t break your...
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Dixie Girl Handbag

12 Things Every Girl Wants for Christmas

At JC Western Wear, we seek to provide authentic, fashionable Western-style apparel for Mom, Dad, and kids alike. While many country stores sell mostly men’s clothing and accessories, our wide variety of products for both sexes make us a favorite for country girls worldwide.We understand that many women like adventuring in the outdoors as much as they like dressing up, so we’ve made it a priority to ensure that all of our women’s apparel is both stylish and functional. Women’s...
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