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How to Earn Your Spurs and Dress Like a Cowboy

There are a few different definitions of a cowboy. You have the ones that work cattle ranches all over North America. You have others that work the rodeo circuit. And others are known as cowboys simply for their toughness in everyday life.The cowboy has been admired by many in America for a long time and the style and way of life remain inspiring today. As a result, many wear the cowboy look with pride.If you’re going to wear the...
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5 Things That Are Ruining Your Boots

Cowboys and cowgirls alike consider boots a staple of their wardrobe. They’re a perfect addition to any Western outfit and have the great advantage of appearing both casual and formal depending on what they’re paired with. Can you ever really go wrong with a laidback pair of boots?Whether you’re riding on the ranch in Montana or herding cattle in Texas, cowboy boots have always needed to withstand a great deal of roughin’ it. The vast majority of boots, no...
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12 Things Every Girl Wants for Christmas

At JC Western Wear, we seek to provide authentic, fashionable Western-style apparel for Mom, Dad, and kids alike. While many country stores sell mostly men’s clothing and accessories, our wide variety of products for both sexes make us a favorite for country girls worldwide.We understand that many women like adventuring in the outdoors as much as they like dressing up, so we’ve made it a priority to ensure that all of our women’s apparel is both stylish and functional. Women’s...
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5 Christmas Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Ideally, the Christmas season should be peaceful and free of stress, but at times, rushing around to complete holiday shopping for family and friends can begin to take its toll.With so many options available and limited time to rush around trying to finish shopping before Christmas sneaks up on you, it’s no surprise that many people report feeling overworked and underwhelmed by a time of year that is meant to be idyllic. That “Hard to Shop for” Relative We’ve all been...
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