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THIS JUST IN: Shady Brady closed it’s doors.

THIS JUST IN: Shady Brady closed it’s doors.
Authored By Carmen Gonzales 0 Comment(s)

       Have you heard? Shady Brady has possibly ceased ALL production. That’s right folks; your favorite hat company could have just shut their doors for good. At this time we are still unsure whether or not any current orders will be processed and shipped out. It is unclear what has caused the company to stop manufacturing their prized-straw hats (for now, anyway). Rumor has it an old family feud has kicked-up some dust, yet again, causing major issues to boil to the family’s surface.

When we tried to reach the company for questioning the phone number redirects to an automated message letting callers know the number has been disconnected. E-mails have gone unanswered for days. Knowing the history behind the brand, a long time patron could possibly assume the company is breaking to further develop themselves and create a stronger business; John Brady always wanted his hats to go far. But with no press-release or contact back from the Shady Brady hat company themselves one can only assume the worst.

So, if you’re like me and love the Shady Brady hat brand now is the time to purchase that hat you’ve had your heart set on. Who knows when you’ll be able to purchase it again?



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