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Summer Shades of 2018 - New Maui Jim Line

Summer Shades of 2018 - New Maui Jim Line
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Whether you’re out on the boat fishing, playing golf with some friends, or just relaxing by the pool, there’s no better brand to protect your delicate eyes than Maui Jim. They’ve got you covered by making each and every pair of glasses out of the finest materials known in the sunglass industry, just ask around.

Their story began back in 1980 where their first shop was right on the beach of Lahaina, Hawaii. The goal was to ensure that the locals and tourists alike were able to protect their eyes from the suns damaging rays and harmful glares, while still enjoying all the beautiful colors the Islands have to offer. In 2018 the goal is still the same; provide the highest quality in eye protection to their customers—now, world-wide not just on the beaches of Hawaii.

 HCL Bronze

Neutral Grey

How do they do it you ask? It’s all about their specialized lens technology. “Color. Clarity. Detail.” That’s the promise Maui Jim makes to each and every customer who purchases a pair of their sunglasses using their patented PolarizedPlus2® lenses. These amazing, magical lenses simply enhance the colors your eyes naturally perceive by reflecting the UVA and UVB rays, not by shading your eyes and hiding the view. Each pair of glasses is fit with lenses that have been infused with a patented blend of three rare earth elements. Thus to amplify red, green, and blue light waves your eyes pick up and increase and balance the saturation of colors.

Maui HTMaui HT

Maui RoseMaui Rose

Maui Jim also offers four different shades of lens colors to choose from; to better ideally fit each individuals need. Maybe you’re like myself and enjoy reading a book in the park, try their HCL® Bronze lenses on for size. Or perhaps you’re a deep sea fisherman looking to protect your eyes from the bright, harmful rays that reflect off of the water. In that case check out the Maui Jim Lighthouse collection, specifically featuring the Maui HT lens.

Whatever outdoor activity you choose, Maui Jim is there to make sure your most valuable possessions are safe. Join the Maui Jim ‘Ohana today and get yours now.


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