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Normally I wouldn't Bling it up, but...

Normally I wouldn't Bling it up, but...
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 Do you unapologetically show off your style in any way possible? Are accessories your thing? Do sparkly items make your day just that much better? Then hold on to your seats ladies because I’m going to tell you about something that will change your life for the better! I’m talking Boot Bling, people. That’s right, Boot Bling. It’s a thing and it’s magnificent.

Bling Boots

New to the boot community or not, Boot Bling is another word to add to your Western-World Dictionary if you don't want to come off clue-less the next time you're chatting with a fellow cowgirl. Quickly taking off with the ladies of the western community, Boot Bling is a cool new way to show off your style and customize a pair of your favorite boots! Fringed boots, ankle-boots, black boots, brown boots, snip-toe, or pointed-toe, Boot Bling can add a little sparkle to any style. And the best part is Boot Bling goes with any outfit!

Bling Boots

Whether you’re purchasing a new pair or revamping your old ones, Boot Bling is an easy and fun way to bring your boots to life. Inspired by every day jewelry items such as anklets or necklaces, Boot Bling is, for lack of a better word, a bracelet for your boot. A fun, quirky way to add a little pizzazz to a more simple boot; or a great, inexpensive way to spruce up an old pair. You can go as simple as plastic or glass beaded Boot Bling to as extravagant as pearls or Swarovski crystal Boot Bling. Most styles typically feature a chain-type bracelet with either beading or dangle-y adornments. For all my daring and adventurous girls who seek a little more eye-catching, jaw-dropping sparkle, you can find a large selection made with the finest crystals and stones that the earth has to offer. Other styles resemble a belt-looking wrap for you boot with Rhine-stones or an embellished belt-buckle clasp. Whichever style you choose you'll be sure to stand out!

Made from almost any material you can think of, leather or chain is by far the most popular. Probably because these two materials hold up the best and prove to survive even the longest line-dancing nights. It's typical to wear Boot Bling on only one of your Boots instead of on both. In-fact, most Boot Bling products are sold individually meaning when you purchase your Boot Bling expect to receive one item in your packaging, not two or a pair. Why wait, Bling your Boots today!


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