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Mother's Day - Handbag Sale

Mother's Day - Handbag Sale
Authored By Brigitte Storch 0 Comment(s)

Mother's Day is fast approaching! If you are stuck on what to get mom don't worry, we have you covered. Not only do we have a wide variety of handbags available to purchase but they are on SALE right now! Such a great way to get mom just what she wants and save some money while your at it. 

We have everything from straw beach totes, leather, fringe and cowhide so there are plenty to choose from. All the bags are up to 50% OFF which is a rare occurrence. Get them while you can and make mom happy.

You can shop the selection online at J.C. Western® Wear or come in to one of our 2 locations if you just can't wait. But hurry with these prices the bags won't last long. These special prices and savins are only until Sunday, May 12 - Mother's Day. 



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