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Levi's Womens 721 Skinny Jeans Under $50

Levi's Womens 721 Skinny Jeans Under $50
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Levi's Women's 721 Skinny Jeans Under $50 when customers shop now at J.C. Western® Wear. These incredible denims have almost magical fit qualities like the amazing cling factor that hugs a lady's curves without sacrificing the comfort women expect in a pair of top-quality Levi's jeans. These skinny jeans are slimmer throughout the hip and thigh region, and sit comfortably at the waist. These denims have just enough stretch to uplift and hold a girls shape while lengthening a gal's silhouette in a most flattering way. 

Women will appreciate the classic five-pocket style detailing, and the skinny leg cut that can be paired with sexy heels or a favorite pair of boots. Ladies can wear these attractive jeans out shopping, while running errands and on date nights with a favorite guy. Men will notice the confident lady that wears these irresistible bottoms. Shop J.C. Western® Wear for Levi's Womens 721 Skinny Jeans Under $50.


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