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How to pick the perfect pair of Back to School Boots

How to pick the perfect pair of Back to School Boots
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It’s that time again- it is time to start back to school shopping for the children! Oh my, has summer flew by! With all of the summer camp fun, swimming, hiking, hunting, fishing, playing, and much more! Not only are my children’s boots, jeans and shirts permanently filthy from all the fun, they have outgrown everything!  

When I start to shop for back to school clothing I always want to keep three things in mind: 1. Comfort 2. Versatility and 3. Cost. My kid’s will be happy to tell you that the most comfortable footwear they have are their boots! Cowgirl or Cowboy boots can be worn with almost anything! Such as pants, jeans (tucked in or out), shorts, skirts or dresses! They are really the perfect footwear for both girls and boys alike!  

Back to School Boots

My daughter LOVES her Corral and Blazin Roxx boots! From the first day we brought them home for her it has been a struggle to get her to take them off! Likewise my son is equally in love with both his John Deer and Justin boots! He wears them to school, to play, out on the farm, everywhere and anywhere!  

   While shopping this year I have come across an adorable style for my daughter from Old West for just $69.99! This year I chose the Kid's Old West Fringe Cushion Comfort Boot which is part of the Comfort Series by Old West and features a stunning fringe design with a delicate brass studded collar for my daughter who will be going into first grade.

We both were attracted to the subtle colored leather which is both beautiful yet simple; they will match with just about everything! The Old West boots are made from Premium Distressed Brown Colored Leather! This line of boots also were crafted with comfort in mind which easily makes them one of the most comfortable boots my daughter will ever own!  

Back to school

  My daughter absolutely loves the look and feel of these boots! Like many 6 year olds, she can be very picky about how things look and feel on her. Luckily for us, as soon as she slipped this beautiful boots on she began dancing and singing around the house!

School Shoes

About the Author: 

Carmen is a part-time freelance writer and blogger with 10+ years of expertise in the Country Western Industry. She is the lead writer at J.C. Western Wear and The Weekly Western News. Her passion for the country western lifestyle, country music, creativity and horses flows though in the expert industry coverage she provides. Follow her on Twitter @MyBlingBoots


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