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Did you know? - J.C. Western® History

Did you know? -  J.C. Western® History
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Did you know that J.C. Western® is the oldest family owned western store in the entire state of Florida? That's right, family owned and operated since 1954 J.C. Western® is onto their 4th generation of this family ran business. When you come in to either of our locations you will likely come across an employee whose blood has J.C. Western® Wear in their veins. Our 2nd and 3rd generations are always active at both locations with occasional visits from the original owner who opened the doors 64 years ago. On some days you may even catch a glimpse of the new 4th generation learning the ropes of their future endeavors in the western business. 

When you shop at J.C. Western® Wear its much more than just a product your purchasing, you are contributing to a family business that takes a huge part in the community they serve and live in with their own families. What better way to shop for something. The J.C. Western® Wear family really likes to connect with its customers for more reasons than one. Yes, you may be a customer but you are also a friend, a neighbor, somebody they see in store and out and about around town. Every employee is just as much a part of the community as their customers and they take pride in that. 

Check out this ad from November 29, 1990. It's pretty awesome to see something dated almost 30 years ago for a store that is still around doing business and to see just how much prices have changed over that time period. 

So come on by and visit our J.C. Western® family, well be glad to help you find all your western needs and must haves!



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