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Baby Moccasins - Every Baby Needs a Pair!

Baby Moccasins - Every Baby Needs a Pair!
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Did you know at J.C. Western® Wear we carry Minnetonka for men, women, children and babies! We love all the items from them but the baby booties have to be the most adorable. These Minnetonka suede baby booties will go with any little ones outfit and slide right on for easing that process of getting your little one ready! From crawling to walking these suede booties are the perfect go to item to accessorize their outfit. Not only do we have them for infants but why not get a matching pair!? Match with daddy's mini me or mommy's it will be the perfect family affair. Don't worry you can match siblings as well, how fun is that!  From park to play date, colorfully coordinate your Mini-me with a new suede style. This baby moccasin features a soft suede upper and sole with elasticized opening for easy on and off. The white and caramel colors feature a rich deerskin leather upper and sole also with the elasticized opening.

Some great features of this bootie are:

  • Soft rich brown suede natural leathers
  • Easy to wear and tailored for toddlers
  • Soft suede upper and sole with elasticized opening for easy on and off
  • Genuine Minnetonka style "Moccasin soul" for little feet

Some stop on by our shop now online at J.C. Western® Wear and grab some for the whole family! 


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