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6 Accessories You Need to Add to Your Wardrobe

Particularly where country and Western style is concerned, accessories make the outfit! A sharp belt buckle or a gorgeous statement necklace can easily take a simple T-shirt and jeans from basic to glamorous. Go from woodsy casual to truly Western chic and take a gander through our collection, which includes everything from bolo ties to boot bling.

A brand new year is approaching—we know some of our customers are interested in switching up their style in 2016. Don’t break your New Year’s resolution. To elevate your old-fashioned Western wardrobe to new heights, consider some of the following adornments for both men and women.

6 Accessories You Need to Add to Your Wardrobe

1. Western Express Majestic Wolf Heads Belt Buckle

The call of the wild is strong for those born and raised in the country. With a diamond cut and a pewter alloy base, this belt buckle, designed by Western Express, is bold and effective at adding a rugged edge to your best pair of blue jeans. Even a simple look becomes a conversation starter with the double wolf head design, set against a black background and surrounded by two sweeping feathers.

The design is reminiscent of Native American folklore, and adds a wild touch to anyone’s wardrobe. The nice thing about this piece is that it is unisex, as well; depending on what it is paired with, the wolf design can appear both masculine and feminine.

2. Bullhide Sassy Cowgirl Collection “Snowflake” Felt Hat

This stunning black felt cowgirl hat is the perfect addition to a springtime wardrobe. Whether you’re a country woman through and through who needs a new hat to wear riding, or you occasionally like to jazz up your business casual attire in the city, you can show off your Western roots and turn heads with this sharp southern statement hat, made from premium wool and adorned with a sparkling diamond “snowflake” design on the front.

The difference between a basic everyday outfit and a truly eye-catching conversation piece is one bold accessory—and this hat delivers both classic country whimsy and feminine beauty, whether you’re hanging out in the saloon or in the city center. The hat comes in a variety of sizes for your convenience.

3. Medicine Bull Bolo Tie

Every true southern gentleman needs a sharp bolo tie in his wardrobe, and this is a great accessory to consider in the new year. The nickel-plated—and entirely lead-free—design is intricately crafted and depicts a bull’s skull, from which a dangling feather hangs. This style is both traditional and highly trendy right now, and the leatherette cords make it simple to slip on with ease.

The Victorian-style bolo tips at the bottom of the tie are exquisite and intentionally have a hand-carved appearance. Although you can purchase this item on our online store, each tie looks like a one-of-a-kind, unique vintage accessory.

4. Twisted Copper Feather Earrings

There’s nothing more rustic than copper jewelry for the outdoorsy wildwoman in your life. These copper earrings are made out of pure copper and have just enough sparkle to add a feminine touch to any outfit, while at the same time, they retain a certain level of country charm that Western women will adore.

The cast copper feathers dangle loosely on a French hook and are twisted, so that they appear to be falling like autumn leaves. This is a great pair of earrings to set aside for the fall season next year—the color looks particularly striking against a seasonal pallet of hunter greens and mustard yellows.

5. Three Row White Rhinestone Chain with Three (3) Dangling Horses Boot Bling

There’s no better way to tell the world that you’re a country belle who can ride than this cute piece of boot bling featuring three galloping stallions. Sling it around your favorite pair of cowgirl boots and adjust it to your satisfaction—a lobster claw clasp makes it a breeze to wear it exactly how you like.

The three horse charms provide an earthy, rugged touch, while the glimmering rhinestones will be sure to captivate everyone as you walk by. Country girls know how to accessorize—even your boots look better with a little sparkle.

6. Western Horse Head Concho Smartphone Case

In this day and age, everyone has a smartphone, and many people take great care to ensure that their phones stay safe. If you go riding, hunting, or fishing, and you’d like to feel secure in the knowledge that your phone will always be right beside you, keep it well protected with a durable hand-tooled leather phone case.

This case fits most large modern smartphones, and the adjustable Velco closure keeps your phone safe from harm at all times. In addition, there’s a metal clip on the back, so you can keep it on your belt or handbag. Best of all, this authentic leather case, which features a horse head adornment on the front, is 100% American-made.

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