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5 Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Being a Cowgirl


Are you a new recruit to the country lifestyle? Fallen for a cowboy’s wily ways and now you’re moving to the sticks? While you might not have country blood running through your veins, you can still learn the ropes.

There are a few things you need to learn about us. It might be a tad overwhelming at first, between the lingo, and the long hours of work, and the unpredictability of livestock—sometimes cows aren’t as cute and cuddly as they look—but we’re certain that you can learn how to roll with us as though you were born to it.

1. We like to get our hands dirty.

Don’t get us wrong–we like to get dolled up sometimes too. In fact, if you’re lucky enough to wrangle yourself a country woman, you can be sure you’ve found a loyal and loving partner who’s always up for an adventure. But the difference between a cowgirl and a city slicker is our willingness to get dirt under our fingernails without hesitation.

You won’t ever hear a country girl complain about getting horse slobber, mud, dust, or grass stains on our clothes. There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying the great outdoors, and we embrace it fully—all or nothing. If you aren’t prepared to deal with the dirt, literally and figuratively, along with the more exciting aspects of the lifestyle, you aren’t going to last long in the country.

2. We speak our minds.

It’s true. Growing up surrounded by rough, rugged cowboys, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to stand up for ourselves. We have thick skins, strong backbones, and the ability to take a joke. These are important attributes to have if you want to fit in with us.

We’re small town and rural people at the heart of everything, so we’re very laidback. We appreciate the little things in life and know how to have a good time. So much of the country lifestyle involves manual labor, and we spend so many long days getting roughed up, that it wouldn’t make sense if we took ourselves too seriously.

3. We know when to accept defeat.

No matter how good a rider you might be, or how many hours you spend trying to rehabilitate a horse that has been abused, we in the know understand that sometimes animals behave like… well, animals. They can’t always be trusted, especially if they have mysterious backgrounds. It’s one thing to train a horse or cow from infancy; it’s another to try to train years of instinct out of a wild animal.

Most country women have witnessed the devastating consequences of pushing too hard when an animal is frightened, stubborn, resistant to change, or just not in a good mood. If it’s not working out, it’s not working out. We understand that as exciting as a challenge can be, sometimes it’s just not worth it if there’s a chance that someone might get hurt.

4. We’re tough.

We face injuries just like everyone else, but we don’t complain about them. We’ve spent years honing our ability to just “rub some dirt on it” and move on, whether it’s a break, a fracture, or just a bruised ego. You may have heard the phrase “cowboys don’t cry”—and cowgirls don’t usually, either, if we can help it. If something goes wrong, we dust off our boots and get right back in the saddle.

Due to the dangerous nature of our job, cowgirls take risks every day, but we embrace them and do our best to manage, no matter how bad the pain might be. Team ropers in particular are highly prone to losing fingers. This might sound shocking to someone outside of the community, but to us, it’s normal to see team ropers with missing digits. In addition, some riders suffer major injuries after being bucked off their horses.

5. We have great style.

From boots to belt buckles to handbags, we know how to turn any outfit country chic. Just like our cowboy friends, we like ten-gallon hats, classic denim, and casual vintage T-shirts, but we also know how to add a touch of elegance to all of our looks.

Not to mention, we have inner beauty, too. We’re strong, motivated, and capable. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll always know a country woman by our confidence, our passion, and our ability to get things done.

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