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5 Christmas Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Ideally, the Christmas season should be peaceful and free of stress, but at times, rushing around to complete holiday shopping for family and friends can begin to take its toll.

With so many options available and limited time to rush around trying to finish shopping before Christmas sneaks up on you, it’s no surprise that many people report feeling overworked and underwhelmed by a time of year that is meant to be idyllic.

That “Hard to Shop for” Relative

We’ve all been there—it’s three days before Christmas, you’re standing in a crowded store, and you realize that you still have yet to find the perfect gift for that one person that has always been impossible to shop for.

This is a problem that many of our clients frequently encounter. Shopping for the men in our lives is notoriously difficult. Many wives, girlfriends, daughters, and sisters frequently lament how hard it is to find unique gifts that don’t feel impersonal.

Our store offers a wide variety of rugged, masculine products for men who live and breathe country. Take a look at some of the following items of Western apparel.

1. Men’s Ariat Heritage Lacer Boot

Available in two bold, distinct colors—black and distressed brown—and designed with comfort as well as style in mind, these boots are both modern and rugged enough to withstand the long rural winters. They have a roper toe and a short, stacked 1.375” heel, and they’re built to endure.

Even if you’ve had to leave the country life behind and now live and work in the big city, there’s no reason not to show off your roots. Men who transition between the country and city life will appreciate the classic appearance of our highly versatile footwear. These heritage lacer boots can be paired with jeans and a camo jacket for a long hike in the woods, but they would not look out of place on a New York street style blog, either.

2. Men’s Durango Steel Toe Union Flag Boots

These steel-toed boots are both functional and comfortable, featuring a stars-and-stripes design for the man in your life who likes to show off his American pride. The boots are made from distressed full-grain brown leather, and offer comfort and protection in the workplace with sturdy steel toes, a molded midsole, a contoured and cushioned insole, and a rebel heel. The boots have been made to suit electrical hazard standards, so they are suitable for intensive manual labor and factory jobs.

Patriotic designs have always been a stable in Western wear, due to the obvious link between Americana and the country lifestyle. From sea to shining sea, outdoorsmen frequently enjoy the many different types of terrain that the United States has to offer. If you’re shopping for a proud Texan, this Texas flag design is available as well.

3. Men’s Lace Billet and Diamond Concho Belt

Brown leather is a classic, masculine style with a timeless appeal. Leather belts are a great addition to any everyday men’s outfit, and instantly enhance the look of a laidback T-shirt and jeans combination.

But even if the man who has everything is already stocked up with belts, consider a belt with an added touch—such as a diamond buckle. This belt’s buckle has an eye-catching sparkle and when you look closely, you find an intricate, ornate silver design.

The contrast between the rough camel-colored leather and the sparkling diamond buckle is sure to add a touch of class to any modern country style.

4. Vaquero Men’s Cologne

The key to finding your signature scent is to experiment. If the man in your life is looking to spice up his options or branch out and try something brand new, this Vaquero cologne is a warm, woody, long-lasting scent developed with the laidback adventurer in mind.

Packaged in a box depicting a classic Western scene in which two cowboys ride side by side on top of their horses, this scent is uniquely rustic and comfortable. The warmth and richness of the fragrance is created by a truly winning combination of bergamot, cardamom, amber, lavender, orange blossom, vanilla, and musk. It’s a scent as dignified and strong as the important man in your life.

5. Justin Original Workboots Bay Work Trifold Wallet

This series of original bay distressed wallets—available in russet, light brown, and dark brown—measure 4 ¼” x 3 ¼” and include a total of six card slots. This wallet is guaranteed to keep a man’s cards and ID organized, and the stylish exterior of the wallet makes for a great conversation starter.

Wallets are wonderful statement pieces, but for men who aspire to simplify their lives, they also make everyday hassles much less inconvenient to deal with. A clear plastic ID window makes driver’s licenses easily accessible, but also keeps important forms of identification hidden away and protected.

With a variety of original gift ideas for the Western-loving fathers, sons, husbands, and boyfriends in our lives, you can’t go wrong this holiday season.

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